Piezo Pack
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Visual Board

Insect shells inspired the overall form of the bag. How the shells opened to reveal the wings, understanding the protection provided.

Initial Sketch

Starting concepts of an alternative method for attaching the bag onto the person. Lightweight towards the top, concentrating the weight around the waist.

Developed Sketch

Progressing ideas relating to the wing casing of insects. Providing access to the whole bag not only from the top.

DIY Piezo

Main technology is harnessing power from Piezo Crystals as shown can be easily made using Sodium Bicarbonate and Potassium Bitartrate.


Making a ‘sandwich’ with between foil connectors. Applying pressure/stress/vibration creates a small amount of voltage. This will use everyday body movements of casual/work/student/hikers to power devices.

3D Model

First visual model of the outer bag, following upcoming fashion trends using Camo print. As well as showing a military direction this pack could be used for.

3D Inner Model

The module that has a large ‘lung’ piezo sandwich along with flexible solar panel straps. The white device is the battery pack.

3D Features

Contained in a pocket inside the pack made for mobile phones/cameras/gps etc. The white device has wireless charging and usb charging to charge your devices on the move using your body movements. A button allows the user to see the amount of power contained.


Pack made entirely by myself personally from the ground up using textiles sourced. For a production model recycled tyres are the intended textiles.


Displaying top and lower access to the main compartment of the bag. Side access allows access to items found at the bottom of the pack.

Piezo Access

Rear opening is only for the Piezo Lung so it is closest to the user to maximise power creation.

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